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A brief background of Jagadguru Sri Madhwacharya:

prathamO hanumAn nAma dviteeyO bheema Eva cha |
pUrNaprajna tRuteeyastu bhagavat kAryasAdhakaH ||

As the above shloka from khila vAyustuti explains, Sri Madhwacharya (also known by the names Poornaprajna and Anandateertha) is the third incarnation of Lord MukhyaprAna Vaayu, after Lord Hanuman and Lord Bheemasena. He is the chief proponent of TattvavAda, popularly known as Dvaita. He was born on Vijayadashami day of 1238 CE at Paajaka Kshetra, a small village near Udupi. He is the 22nd commentator on the Brahma sutras of Lord Sri Veda Vyasa.

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02 August, 2009

The fascinating story behind Draupadi Devi's birth

The fascinating story behind Draupadi Devi's birth

Hare Srinivasa

We all know that Draupadi Devi had 5 husbands. This posting will attempt to touch upon the fascinating story of why Draupadi devi was born and why she had 5 husbands( Pancha Pandavas). Sriman Madhwacharya explains in a beautiful manner regarding this in Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya

Source: Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya by Vidwan Sri Vyasanakere Prabhanjanacharya translated to English by Smt Harshala Rajesh

Religious Sacrifice performed by Drupada

drupadastu divArAtraM tapyamAnaH parAbhavAt.h |
bhImArjunabalaM dR^ishhT.hvA chechchhan.h pANDavasaMshrayam.h || 18.90||

Drupada suffered anguish from his defeat day and night and also wished to seek protection of Bhima and Arjuna after realizing seeing their strength.

sambandhItyarjunavachashchikIrshhuH satyameva cha |
mArdavaM chArjune dR^ishhT.hvA sutAmaichchhat.h tadarthataH || 18.91||

Arjuna had told that Drupada was their relative, he wished to make those words come true; also seeing the soft nature of Arjuna he wished to have a daughter whom he could give in marriage to Arjuna.

putraM cha droNahantAramichchhan.h vipravarau yayau |
yAjopayAjAvAnIyAthArbudena 2gavAM nR^ipaH || 18.92||

Wishing to have a son who would be capable of killing Drona, he went to Brahmins named Yagnopayaja who were best among priest. He donated 10 crore cows to them and got them back to his kingdom.


1. Instead of realizing the truth that Drona had given him a tit for tat for the insult he had done to him, Drupada thought that he had insulted him and resolved to take revenge on him. That is why he decided to have a son who was capable of killing Drona. Similarly having got attracted to the word “relative” that Arjuna mentioned, he decided to make him his son-in-law and wished to have a daughter so that he can give her in marriage to him.

2. This is a special circumstance. It is a story where Drupada who did not even have a daughter decided to have Arjuna as his son-in-law first and then had a daughter. It is a special circumstance which showcases one other unique face of God’s resolution. Realizing that such a resolution cannot be achieved by ordinary means , he organized a Yagna (Sacrifice)

3. Thinking that even such a Sacrifice will not be fruitful if performed by ordinary priest, he went to Yagnopayaja who were one of the most celebrated priests of that time. When they did not pay attention to his request, he promised that he will donate 10 crore cows to them and got them to agree to perform the Yagna.

4. With a noble thought that, with more cows we can do our sacrifice and other activities in a better way, both of them agreed to his request and got him to do a sacrifice on the banks of river Ganga. After having completed the rituals in the right way, they invited his wife to come and receive the final offerings of the sacrifice which will grant children. She was indulged in getting dressed up at that time. Using it as an excuse she arrogantly delayed in reaching the sacrificial altar.

chakAreshhTiM tu tadbhAryA dvijAbhyAmatra chA.ahutA |
drupadAt.h sutalabdhyarthaM sA.ahaN^kArAd.h vyaLambayat.h || 18.93||

She arrogantly delayed her arrival by telling “Drupada did the sacrifice; let him give birth to the children”.

Notes: She delayed with a pretext that she was not ready yet. Fact was not that but her arrogance was the main thing. Shastras prohibits the arrogance not adornment.


drona had asked for a cow from drupada. in return he got insulted. he decided to take revenge. he waited for right time and then sent pandawas to fight and rest all things you know. now, drupada felt insulted when drona insulted him and returned all his kingdom except one cow extra than half of the number of total cows. and the story began for birth of drushtadyumna in which by accident draupadi was born. at that altar she had taken place of drupada's wife and thereafter she was referred as her daughter!!! amazing !!!


Garuda Purana

Verses 3:17:1 onwards Garuda Purana explains the precursor of Draupati Devi's birth and the reason for five husbands. I think this is also quoted in Mahabharatha tatparyanirnaya by Acharya.

purā kṛtayuge vīndra rudrabhāryā ca pārvatī /
indrabhāryā śacī devī yama bhāryāca śāmalā // GarP_3,17.4 //
aśvibhāryā uṣā devī bhartṛbhiḥ sahitā khaga /
brahmalokaṃ yayustatra brahmāṇaṃ dadṛśustadā // GarP_3,17.5 //

In Krtayuga, Parvati Devi, Saci Devi, Syamala Devi and Usa Devi went to Brahma Loka and acted in amorous fashion before Chaturmukha Brahma to insult him. Brahma cursed the four Devis to be born as human beings and have physical relationship with somebody other than their husbands. Since all the Devis are chaste they approached Bharati Devi, who being wife of Mukhyaprana was able to neutralize Brahma's curse.

In Draupati's body there are five jIvas. Four are mentioned above and in addition Bharati Devi is also there. When one of the husband comes to dwell with Draupati, only the corresponding jIva is active by the grace of Bharati Devi. This way the curse was neutralized.

In addition when Yuddhistira after going to Swarga sees Draupati Devi and tries to engage in talk with her. He was stopped and informed that Draupati is svayam Sree.

Sree here refers to Bharati Devi and it is another name for her.


kimetayetyavaj~nAya tAvubhau viprasattamau |
ajuhvatAM tat.h putrArthaM patnyAH prAshyaM havistadA || 18.94||

Ignoring her, both the priests took the offerings that would grant children to her and offered it to the sacrificial fire.

hute havishhi mantrAbhyAM vaishhNavAbhyAM tadaiva hi |
dIptAN^gAranibho vahniH kuNDamaddhyAt.h samutthitaH || 18.95||

kirITI kuNDalI dIptau hemamAlI varAsimAn.h |
rathenA.adityavarNena nadan.h drupadamAdravat.h || 18.96||

When the offerings were sacrificed chanting vaishNava mantras, immediately, agni dEva who had the complexion resembling burning cinder, wearing crown, earrings and garlands of gold and holding a superior sword emerged from the centre of the sacrificial alter. In a chariot shining like the sun, roaring like a lion, he came to Drupada.

dhR^ishhTatvAd.h dyotanatvAchcha dhR^ishhTadyumna itIritaH |
munibhirdrupadenApi sarvavedArthatattvavit.h || 18.97||

For having courage, for having lustre, agni-dEva who was called as dRiShTadyumna by all sages and by Drupada was the knower of the meanings of all Vedas.

(dhRiShTa means one with courage/valour. One who is capable of forcing others. It is a big virtue of kShatriyas. ‘dyumna’ means one with lustre (kAMtiyukta). Therefore the sages called him with all respect as “dRiShTadyumna”!drupada too named him with the same name).

anvenaM bhAratI sAxAd.h vedimaddhyAt.h samutthitA |
prANo hi bharato nAma sarvasya bharaNAchchhrutaH || 18.98||

tadbhAryA bhAratI nAma vEdarUpA sarasvatI|
shaMrUpamAshritA vAyuM shrIrityEva cha kIrtitA|| 18.99 ||

After dRiShTadyumna, bhAratI dEvi herself as draupadI emerged from the centre of the sacrificial alter. For protecting all it is prANa who is popular as ‘bharata’. Being bharata’s wife she is ‘bhAratI’. She being the presiding deity of the Vedas is ‘sarasvatI’. Having taken shelter in vAyu is the form of bliss, she is only called as ‘shrI’.


1. After Drishtadyumna was born, another miracle took place. From the same sacrifical altar a beautiful lady emerged. Bharati incarnated in such a way.Bharata means Vayu. He has this name because he bears the whole universe on his shoulder; he is the one who bears Shesha devaru who bears the whole universe on himself in Kurma form.

That is why his wife’s name is Bharathi. Her other name is Saraswathi. Mahabharatha records that the person who incarnated there is Shri. Acharya has given etamalogical meaning of this word as which is Bharathi. ‘shaM shritaa shrIH’ - means the one who is under the protection of Vayudevaru who is is the form of happiness.

2. It should also be noted that Draupadi by emerging from the middle of the flames of auspicious sacrifical altar proclaimed to the whole world that she is immaculate. Whatever comes out of the fire is pure. If it comes out from sacrificial fire it is even more pure. It is a proven fact that Draupadi who incarnated from the centre of this is purest.

Being the wife of Pavana (Vayu) it is quiet natural that she is immaculate. Yagna (Religious Sacrifice) is the symbol of all good tasks. ( 'yaj~jaarthaat karmaNOnyatra') . Draupadi emerging from the sacrifical fire indicates that when noble tasks are performed with attitude of submitting everything to Lord Sri Krishna (SrIkRuShNaarpaNa) then good knowledge will be accured.

(karmaNaa j~jaanamaatanOti). It means Draupadi who is the guardian diety of knowledge, will be the cause of accuring knowledge by granting it as a result for practicing noble deeds.

3. Even Sita Devi emerged from Sacrifical ground.She who emerged from the Sacrificial ground is the wife of Sarvottama, Draupadi who emerged from sacrificial altar is Jeevottama’s wife. If her story is Ramayana, Draupadi’s story is Mahabharata.

Sita is Mahalakshmi guardian of noble riches. It should be noted that Draupadi is Bharathi the guardian diety of noble education (knowledge).Another speciality is that both their weddings had the background of Swayamvara.

AveshayuktA shachyAshcha shyAmaLAyAstathoshhasaH |
tAshchendradharmanAsatyasaMshrayAchchhriya1 IritAH || 18.100||

She also had the presence of Shaci, Shyamala and Usha Devi. Since they were under the protection of Indra, Dharma and Ashwini Gods they are called as Shri.

Note: This means that just as name Shri is applicable to Bharati, it is also applicable to others led by Shaci. In this way by the words “Sri” incarnated means Bharathi and Shaci, Shyamala and Usha Devi present in her incarnated.

sA kR^ishhNA nAmatashchA.asIdutkR^ishhTatvAddhi yoshhitAm.h |
kR^ishhNA sA varNatashchA.asIdutkR^ishhTAnandinI cha sA || 18.101 ||

For being superior among all women draupadI got the name ‘kRiShNA’. ‘kRiShNA’ by complexion, and ‘kRiShNA’ by having superior bliss also.

utpattitashcha sarvaj~nA sarvAbharaNabhUshhitA |
samprAptayauvanaivA.asIdajarA lokasundarI |
umAMshayuktA.atitarAM sarvalaxaNasaMyutA || 18.102||

She was born omniscient (Sarvagna, All Knowing), adorned with all the ornaments, youthful, she does not have old age and she is the most beautiful woman in the three worlds. She had the special presence of Uma in her. She possessed all the auspicious physical features.


1. Many special qualities of Draupadi are informed in this verse. Being guardian diety of Vedas it is befitting that she was born all-knowing. Knowledge is the most precious ornament, being guardian diety of the supreme knowledge; it was natural that she was born adorned with all the ornaments.

By mentioning that she was youthful solution for the other problem of wedding is also indicated. As Drupada had resolved, she had to become wife of Arjuna, if she was born as a baby the age difference between the two of them would be too much. Since she was born as youth there is no scope for this question. Now the word ‘ajaraa’ means one who does not have old age.

This is yet another unique quality of Draupadi. Since their body was composed of pure strength, there was no chance of getting old age, diseases or any such issues. Through out Mahabharata, Draupadi being described as ever youthful fosters this fact.

2. Just in the same way, the incarnation of Vayudevaru namely Hanumantha, Bhimasena and Anandathirtha are also the ones where there is no old-age. Incarnation of Hanumantha is endowned with eternal longevity (no death).

Bhimasena was famous in Mahabharatha as person who never reached old-age. It is also well known that even today Sri Madhwacharya is in Badari and will live on earth for 36000 years in this Kaliyuga.

That is the reason why distortions resulting from time and age are non-entity to them. Being the most beautiful woman is another greatness of Draupadi. Normally Parvathi is famous as the most beautiful woman in all the three worlds.But since Draupadi is the goddess higher in gradation than Parvathi; she is most beautiful woman in all the three worlds. And Mahalakshmi is the only most beautiful woman in all the worlds.

In second chapter it is explained that in case of women beauty is the deciding factor for their merits. “yatra rUpaM tatra guNaaH (2/36)”. It should be noted that this is the reason why the word “trilOkasuMdari” not only indicates her physical beauty but also indicates the special meaning that she is the most excellent among all the feminine-beings in the mortal world.

3. The clarification for the fact that she had the presence of Uma in her is explained ahead. Draupadi’s yet another speciality is that she possess all the auspicious qualities. In their original forms all the Rujus possess 32 auspicious characters. It is a speciality that even in their incarnation they posses these 32 auspicious qualities.

All the other demi-gods do not possess 32 auspicious qualities in their original form and it is not a rule that they should possess all those qualities that they have in their incarnations. It has already been mentioned that Bhimasena possessed all the 32 auspicious qualities - (12/133).

In Mahabharatha it is mentioned in couple of places that Draupadi is the incarnation of Parvati. Its implication is explained here by using the word “umAMshayuktaa nitaraaM”. Meaning though she had the presence of Shaci, Shyamala, Usha, one of the chapters in LakshaaLaMkara explains that presence of Parvathi was greater than the other three:

drupadaiShaa tatO jaj~jE sutaa tE dEvarUpiNI |
paMchaanaaM sahitaa kRuShNaarUpaa paarvatyaniMditaa || -bharata(1/196/51)

Draupadi’s Backfound – Uma and others cursed by Brahma

pUrvaM 1hyumA cha devyastAH kadAchid.h bhartR^ibhiryutAH |
vilAsaM darshayAmAsurbrahmaNaH pashyato.adhikam.h || 18.103||

Earlier, Umadevi, Sachi, Shyamala and Ushadevi – though Brahma was watching them, they flirted with their husbands in front of him on purpose.

Notes: Earlier, once in presence of Brahma, Demi-goddess’s Parvati, Sachi, Shyamala and usha flirted too much with their husbands Shiva, Indra, Yama and Ashiwini God’s . In this way flirting in presence of elders is not acceptable in Shastras and is an indisciplined conduct. They behaved like that due to the bad-luck.

shashApa tAstadA brahmA mAnushhIM yonimApsyatha |
tatrAnyagAshcha bhavatetyevaM shaptAH surAN^ganAH || 18.104||

vichArya bhAratImetya sarvamasyai nivedya cha |
sahasravatsaraM chainAM shushrUshhitvA babhAshhire || 18.105||

Then Brahma cursed them “All of you be born as humans, there be under the protection of para purusha (other’s husband). Being cursed liked this the three of them discussed and decided to perform penance to please Bharati devi and indulged in penance for 1000 years, served her and informed her about the calamity that had be-fallen on them and prayed to her.


Lord Brahma has given suitable punishment for their mis-deed. It is a unique boon that since they had indulged in flirting with their husbands excessively, let them suffer the relationship with men who are not their husbands. It is highly condemnable for Gods. It is impossible to accept this.

Since it is curse from Lord Brahma, there is no way of escaping from it. Realising that they are not capable of finding a solution for this situation, they sought the protection of Bharati Devi and requested her, which was only way out. Such a request cannot be easily fulfilled. Therefore they performed penance for 1000 years to please her and then later put forth their request.

devi no mAnushhaM prApyamanyagAtvaM cha sarvathA |
tathA.api mArutAdanyaM na spR^ishema kathaJNchana || 18.106||

Goddess! We are supposed to be born as humans. There we will be contact with person other than our husband. In that case we need your help so that other than Vayu we should not come in contact with any other person.


1. As per Brahma’s curse, we should have contact with “other” person. Contact with any other man other than our husband is major sin. But if we come in contact with Vayudevaru it will not be considered as sin due to contact with other person.Vayu Devaru is sacred. He does not have any flaws resulting from desiring other women. So they thought that if they come in contact with him, Lord Brahma’s curse will come true, they will not be flawed due to contact with other man so they want to be under shelter of vayudevaru.

2. The main view is that the relationship with vayudevaru is like affectionate relationship with a father and is not sinful. Vadirajeeya mentions that that is why they made such a request.

Different births of Draupadi

brahmaNaiva cha shaptAH sma pUrvaM chAnyatra lIlayA |
ekadehatvamApyainaM yadA vaJNchayituM gatAH || 18.107||

Earlier in another incident, Lord Brahma has cursed us for a different reason. Once all of us for fun united in one body and went to cheat him.

Notes: They are mentioning that along with the present curse, they also have another curse from Lord Brahma. That happened in this manner – Once all the four headed by Parvathi present in one body went to Lord Brahma. Their intention was to test if Lord Brahma will identify them.

ekadehA mAnushhatvamApsyatha trisha uddhatAH |
trisho madvaJNchanAyetA iti tenoditA vayam.h || 18.108||

“You have arrogantly tried to trick me in this manner three times. So all of you be born in one body as humans.” we were cursed so.


They did this not once but three times. So he cursed them “since you had shown such unacceptable behaviour three times you all of you should be born in one single human body three times “. Their attempt to test all-knowing Brahma became the cause for such a calamity.

It should be noted though demi-goddess are excellent followers of Dharma, their destiny is the main reason behind them getting interested in having such fun. It might be assumed that this curse of Lord Brahma marked the beginning of the practice of forgiving a mistake two times and punishing if the same mistake is committed third time followed today.

atastvayaikadehatvamichchhAmo devi janmasu |
1chaturshhvapi yato.asmAkaM shApadvayanimittataH || 18.109||

“Oh Goddess, since we have these two curses we wish to take birth four times as humans and present within you”.


Lord Brahma had cursed two times. According to one curse, one human body in which there will be contact with “other” man, according to the other curse three births in one human body. They said that they wished to endure both the curses by being present one body which is hers.

chaturjanma bhaved bhUmau tvAM nAnyo mArutAd.h vrajet |
niyamo.ayaM hareryasmAdanAdirnitya eva cha || 18.110||

“We will be born on earth four times, and Lord Vayu will never ever have contact with anyone except you, this is eternal law of Sri Hari”.


1. This describes the reason behind being born present within Bharatidevi four times. Contact with other person in one birth which could be with none other than Lord Vayu. If that has to be achieved then they have to be born present within Bharati Devi. Sri Hari’s unique law is that none other than Lord Vayu can ever have contact with Bharati Devi.

2. In general, virtuous women, especially goddess, always get their original husbands as their husband even in their incarnations. Due to curses other goddess’s might be forced to have contact with other men.

For eg, Shaci’s incarnation and Vali’s wife Tara had to marry Sugreeva, similarly Tara- wife of Guru had contact with Chandra, and Rati – wife of Kama had have relation with Shambasura. But Vayu’s wife Bharathi cannot never marry or have relation with anyone other than Vayu for any reason.

That is the special benefaction of Sri Hari on her. Therefore even if she is born with presence of others in them, she will not have any contact with others except the most immaculate Lord Vayu. That is the reason why this special request was made.

3. Sri Vadiraja has given the special reason as to why they were born present within Bharati Devi four times though they had the curse to have contact with other man only in one birth.

Even though they have the curse of having contact with other man only once, since they are demi-goddess as a result of which they have unparalleled beauty – there is fear of being forced by Asuras who are powerful by the boons they have received. This means that in order to avoid this situation completely they devised this scheme.

Birth as Brahmin maiden

atastvayaikadehAnno nAnya ApnotiHmArutAt |
itIrite tathetyuktvA pArvatyAdiyutaiva sA || 18.111||

viprakanyA.abhavat tatra chatasraH pArvatIyutAH |
ekadehasthitAshchakrurgirIshAya tapo mahat || 18.112||

Therefore, no one other than Vayu can touch us because will be present within you. After having heard this Bharati said “Let it be so” and was born on earth as Brahmin maiden along with Parvathi and other ladies. There all the demi-goddess along with Parvathi were present in one body and performed mighty penance to please Lord Rudra.


1. When they requested her like this, Bharati Devi accepted their request. Their request was most unique. It is not an ordinary matter that great Goddess like her consented to take birth as human on earth four times without any reason just to protect them. They were cursed, but she had to be born with them. That curse was an unusual one. Consenting to that is an indication of BharatiDevi’s extreme kindness.

The concept Bharati Devi proclaimed by taking such incarnations in order to protect other’s chastity is adorable.This also means that, for the welfare others, specially for protection of ultimate dharma like a woman’s chastity, any degree of sacrifice is a means to achieve great affection from Sri Hari.

2. Details of Lord Vayu consuming deadly Kalakoota Poison for the welfare of the world and saving the whole world during Amrita-mathana (Churning of the ocean to receive divine nectar) is already mentioned earlier. If he did that, his wife Bharati Devi did this for the protection of Demi-Goddess. It should be noted that in this manner, Lord Vayu and Bharati devi are revered in the world of Shastras as the most ideal couple.

3. In such four incarnations, first incarnation was in Treta Yuga as a Brahmin Maiden. At that time Lord Vayu had incarnated as Lord Hanumantha. Speciality is that she is Maiden and he is Bachelor. In this incarnation, all the four women led by Parvati were present in one body and performed a great penance to please Lord Rudra

taddehasthA bhAratI tu rudradehasthitaM harim |
toshhayAmAsa tapasA 1karmaikyArthaM dhR^itavratA || 18.113||

Only Bharati Devi present in that body pleased Sri Hari present in Rudradevaru by performing Penance following strict religious procedures to attain karmaikya.

Notes: If all of them performed penance to please Rudradevaru, Only Bharati Devi, did not pray to Rudra Devaru but prayed to Sri Hari present within Rudradevaru. The reason was that she was higher to Rudradevaru in gradation. The main intention of such a penance is Karmaikya (to have oneness with the task being performed by others) .The others performed penance with a wish to get back their own husbands. Karmaikya also means that it facilitates the unison in the body in the future and to aide in achieving the goal.

tasyai sa rudradehastho hariH prAdAd.h varaM prabhuH |
anantatoshhaNaM vishhNoH svabhartrA saha janmasu || 18.114||

sarveshhvapIti chAnyAsAM dadau shaN^kara eva cha |
varaM 2svabhartR^isaMyogaM 3mAnushheshhvapi janmasu || 18.115||

All Capable Sri Hari present within Lord Rudra had granted a boon to Bharati Devi that she along with her husband will please Sri Hari’s infinite forms in all births. For others he granted the boon of uniting with their respective husband’s even in human births.

Notes: This means that their penance yielded results and they received the boon. It is special to note that if Sri Hari granted boon to BharatiDevi, Rudra Devaru granted boons to other on instructions of Sri Hari.

Daughter of Nala –Indrasena

tatastadaiva dehaM tA visR^ijya naLanandinI |
babhUvurindraseneti dehaikyena susaN^gatAH || 18.116||

Later they renounced that body and were born as Nala’s daughter – Indrasena, all of them in one body.

Notes: All of them were born as Nala Damayanti’s daughter in second birth. Even then all of them were present in one body. Indrasena was her name .Here there are differences among commentaries.Many commentrators are of the opinion that Nalanandini is Indrasena. Even in Mahabharata it is mentioned that Nala Damayanti’s daughter is Indrasena:

iMdrasEnEti vikhyaataa puraa naalaayanI shubhaa |
maudgalyaM patimaasaadya cacaara vigatajwaraa ||

From the above commentaries the four incarnations are Viprakanya, Indrasena, Draupadi and Chandra respectively. According to Vadirajeeya Nalanandini and Indrasena are different. According to his commentary Viprakanya, Nalanandini, Indrasena and Draupadi – these are the four incarnations.

Many commentators are of the above opinion because Sri Madhwacharya has mentioned in 32nd chapter ‘tadaiva kRushNaa bhuviprajata’ (that is when Draupadi emerged) .Even Garudapurana mentions the same. Vadirajeeya’s Lakshaalankara Lesson is also analogous to this. .

Brahma’s curse to Madgala

tadA.a.asInmudgalo nAma munistapasi saMsthitaH |
chakame putrikAM brahmetyashR^iNot.h sa kathAntare || 18.117||

At that time a sage by name Madgala was engaged in penance. In one of the stories he heard that Brahma was fascinated by his own daughter.

Notes: It is being mentioned here that there is yet another story related to this. According to that a sage by name Mudgala, when listening to a story from Purana heard summary that Lord Brahma was fascinated his daughter created by himself. This is also mentioned in SrimadBhagavata Mahapurana. aakamaaM cakamE kShattaH sakaama iti naH shrutam (3/12/28)

apAhasat so.abjayoniM shashApainaM chaturmukhaH |
bhAratyAdyAH paJNcha devIrgachchha 1mAninnabhUtaye || 18.118||

Mudgala ridiculed Brahma, Brahma cursed him: “Arrogant man, you marry Bharati and the other five demi-goddess. That will lead to your misfortune.”

The woman whom Lord Brahma fascinated is not really Saraswathi. He really did not fascinate her either. He behaved like that just to delude demons.Not understanding the secret behind the context; Mudgala mocked Brahma as lustful man. As a result Lord Brahma cursed him.

Bhagavata mentions that mocking good people without considering pros and cons is the behaviour of tamasa(ignorant) persons. Though sage Mudgala was Satvic by nature, due to the presence of Asura in him, he behaved in this manner and was cursed.

itIritastaM tapasA toshhayAmAsa mudgalaH |
shApAnugrahamasyAtha chakre kaJNjasamudbhavaH || 18.119||

After being cursed like this, Mudgala performed penance and pleased Lord Brahma. Later Lord Brahma granted him a boon in exchange for the curse.

Notes: Not committing any sin is the quality of virtuous people. If they commit any sins accidentally, repenting about it and making suitable amends is also quality of virtuous persons. By doing so Mudgala exhibited his Satvika character. It also means that by performing penance and pleasing Lord Brahma, he not only received boons but also learnt how to get freed from the curse he had received.

na tvaM yAsyasi tA devI mArutastvachchharIragaH |
yAsyati tvaM sadA mUrchhAM gato naiva vibuddhyase || 18.120||

na cha pApaM tataste syAdityukte chainamAvishat.h |
mAruto.athendrasenAM cha gR^ihItvA.athAbhavad.h gR^ihI || 18.121||

He told - you will not have contact with those ladies. Marutha (Lord Vayu) present in you will have the contact. At that time you will be unconscious and will not have awareness of anything. That way you will not commit any sin. Lord Vayu entered in him. He married Indrasena and became a Grihasta (married man).

Notes: Same thing happened in the future. Vayudevaru entered into Mudgala and married Indrasena and sported with her. If Vayudevaru was husband of Bharathi, he had affectionate relationship with other demi-goddess.

Mudgala - Nalanandini

reme che sa tayA sArddhaM dIrghakAlaM jagatprabhuH |
tato mudgalamudbodhya yayau cha svaM niketanam || 18.122||

Lord of the universe sported with her for long time. Later he returned to his abode after waking up Mudgala.

Notes: For outward view, Mahabharata and other Puranas mentions that Mudgala sported with Indrasena. Srimadacharya has explained all the secrets behind those in this manner. Purana’s mentions that initially Mudgala pretended like a person with leprosy disease tested Indrasena’s loyalty and then married and sported with her in divine form.

Here if we understand that the leprosy form of Mudgala is the Mudgala cursed by Lord Brahama, and the diving form he took later was due to complete presence of Vayudevaru then we will know its implication consistent with the Acharya’s resolution

Indrasena’s Penanace

tato deshAntaraM gatvA tapashchakre sa mudgalaH |
sendrasenA viyuktAtha bhartrA chakre mahat.h tapaH || 18.123||

Later Mudgala left to foreign land and performed penance. Seperated from her husband, Indrasena indulged herself in mighty penance.

taddehagA bhAratI tu keshavaM shaN^kare sthitam.h |
toshhayAmAsa tapasA karmaikyArthaM hi pUrvavat.h || 18.124||

Only Bharatidevi present in the body meditated upon Sri Hari present in Shankara and pleased him as usual for the purpose of having unison with the task performed by the others.

umAdyA raudramevAtra tapashchakruryathA purA |
pratyaxe cha shive jAte taddehasthe cha keshave || 18.125||

pR^ithak.hpR^ithak.h svabhartrAptyai tAH paJNchApyekadehagAH |
prArthayAmAsurabhavat.h paJNchakR^itvo vacho hi tat.h || 18.126||

All the others led by Parvathi performed penance to please Rudradevaru as usual. When Shiva and Sri Hari appeared in front of them all the five of them though in the same body requested to grant boons so that they will be united with their husbands respectively. Their words came out 5 times from their mouth.


1. Pleased by their penance Sri Hari appeared in front of BharatiDevi and and Rudradevaru in front of others. At that time all of them said “patim dehi” separately. This means that though the individuals were since they resided in one body and since their words came out of the same mouth it looks like the same person uttered this sentence five times. It is like one woman asked “patim dehi” (grant me husband) five times.

2. They had asked for a similar boon when they had performed penance as Brahmin Maiden. It should be noted that since they had an extraordinary background, in order to achieve the goal the performed the penance again in this birth and requested for boons.When Bharatidevi was in the body of Viprakanya, just as Sri Hari was pleased with her and granted the boon she had contact with her husband Vayudevaru in her birth as Indrasena. But the others had not yet achieved it. So they perfomed special penance in this birth again. It should be noted that for others, the boon affected to an extent that they did not have contact with Mudgala.

Boon from Shiva to have five husbands

shivadehasthito vishhNurbhAratyai tu dadau patim.h |
anyAsAM shiva evAtha pradadau chaturaH patIn.h || 18.127||

Vishnu present in Shiva granted the boon of Union with her husband to Bharati. Shiva granted four husbands to all the other four demi-goddess.

Notes: Since they asked “patim dehi” (give me husband) five times, they received the boon of having 5 husbands. This boon was granted by Shiva to others and Hari present within Shiva to Bharatidevi. It should be noted that even there since the words of both Hari and Hara came from the mouth of Hara only, this meant that they should have total of five husbands. It should be noted that Shiva mis-understood that one woman had asked for five husbands, he granted such a wish.

devyashchatasrastu tadA dattamAtre vare.amunA |
devAnAmavatArArthaM paJNcha devyaH sma ityatha || 18.128||

nAjAnannekadehatv AchchidyogAt.h xIranIravat.h |
tAH shrutvA svapatiM devi nachirAt.h prapsyasIti cha || 18.129||

Since the four goddess did not know that they were there in order to aid incarnation of demi-gods on earth, since they were in one body, since they did not have contact with their real spirit and they were like water mixed in milk, each one of them heard the boon granted from shiva as “Devi (goddess), you will join your husband very soon”.

Notes: This opines that since the other demi-goddess except Bharatidevi had forgotten the fact that they were born to serve the special purpose, they did not understand anything else but only understood that each one of them will join their husband respectively.

vishhNUktaM shaN^karoktaM cha chatvAraH patayaH pR^ithak.h |
bhavishhyantItyathaikasyA menire paJNchabhartR^itAm.h || 18.130||

Listening to separate words - joining with one husband as told by Vishnu, other four husbands as told by Shiva, they mistook that one woman will have 5 husbands.

Notes: As mentioned earlier, except Bharatidevi, all others were under such a misconception. Since Bharatidevi is all-knowing, we should not forget that she will never have any misconception of any type at any time.

Episode of five Indras

rurudushchaikadehasthA ekaivAhamiti sthitAH |
athAbhyAgAnmahendro.atra so.abravIt.h tAM varastriyam.h || 18.131||

All of them present in one body thought, that she was a single person and started crying. At that time Mahendra arrived. He asked the chaste woman:

Notes: The speciality that though each one of them were crying separately, it appeared as though one woman was crying just like how the word “patim dehi” was heard as though said by only one person. Listening to the cries, Indra arrived there. He asked the reason for her sorrow.

kimarthaM rodishhItyeva sA.abravId.h vaTurUpiNam.h |
shaN^karaM darshayitvaiva paJNchabhartR^itvameshha me |
varArthamarthitaH prAdAditi taM shiva ityatha || 18.132||

ajAnan.h shakra AhochchaiH kimetad.h bhuvanatraye |
matpAlite yoshhitaM tvaM 2vR^ithA shapasi durmate || 18.133||

“Why are you crying?” when he asked this – she pointed to Shiva who stood in the form of a small boy and said “when I requested him to fulfill my wish, he has granted me five husbands”. Not realizing that he was Shiva, Indra reprimanded him and asked “oh ignorant person, what is this? When I am the Lord of all three worlds, why did you curse this woman for no good reason?”


1. When Indra asked the reason for her crying, she pointed to the small boy standing in front of her and said that he has granted her such a boon. This clear states the fact that Shiva did not come there in his true form but he came in the form of a small boy.

2. The reason why the Demi-gods take a different form and come can be found in the words of shastra “parOkShapriyaa iwa hi dEvaaH pratyakShadwiShaH”. Even Indra did not realize that the small boy was Shiva and thought that he was a small boy and threatened him.By asking so he showed the arrogance that he was the king of all three worlds by the words “durmatE, bhuvanatrayE, matpaalitE”

3. Indra came there because he saw golden lotus flowers floating in river Ganga. Mahabharata gives the details that those lotus flowers were tear drops of Indrasena which when fell into the water transformed into Lotus flowers.

4. In Lakshaalankara Vadirajaru has given a special meaning for the reason why the tear drops turned into lotus flowers - since Bharathidevi never has unhappiness at any time the tears that fell from her eyes was not of sorrow but of joy.

Shiva’s curse to Indra

itIrite shivaH prAha pata 1mAnushhyamApnuhi |
asyAshcha bhartA bhavasi 2tvAmevaishhA varishhyati || 18.134||

When Indra said so Shiva cursed him as ‘You descend from heaven, be born as human. You will be her husband, she will marry you.”


1. It should be noted that Shiva was enraged by Indra’s arrogant conduct and cursed him in this manner. Indra in true form is Shiva’s disciple, so in a way this behaviour of Indra was an offence to his master. The curse was a punishment to such a behavior. As a result of this curse, Indra was born as Arjuna.

2. In the future, in Swayamvara Draupadi had to put the garland around Arjuna’s neck who split the fish yantra.It should also be noted that the curse given by Shiva when he was questioned by Indra about this boon, was in a way related to Indrasena having 5 husbands.

3. “Her” means “Shaci” present in her.

pashyAtra madavaj~nAnAt.h patitA.nstvAdR^ishAn.h surAn.h |
gireradhastAdasyaivetyukto.asau pAkashAsanaH |
udbabarha giriM taM tu dadarshAtra cha tAn.h surAn.h || 18.135||

Shiva said “See the other demi-gods under this hill who have ben descended from heaven just like you because they insulted me “. Hearing this Indra lifted the hill and saw the demi-gods.

Notes: Shiva instead of just cursing Indra, for which he was responsible, gave irrevelant information. According to that information, Shiva has imprisoned others who have insulted him under that hill. This is totally inappropriate. How is that? – It is explained next.

pUrvendrAn.h mArutavR^ishhanAsatyA.nshchaturaH sthitAn.h |
mAnushheshhvavatArAya mantraM rahasi kurvataH || 18.136||

He saw Vayu, Yama and Ashwini gods – these four demi-gods who were secretly discussing about their birth in the future as humans.


1. When he lifted the hill he saw these four demi-gods. They were all Indra’s in previous Manvantara’s. Vayu by name Rochana, Yama by name Satyajith, Ashwini Gods by name Trishala and Vibhu respectively occupied the post of Indra in Swaarochisha, Uttama, Raivata and Tapas Manwantara.

2. Next Verses (ver. 144,145) mentions that though it was true that they were assembled there, it was not because they had insulted Shiva and as a result of it he had cursed them – this was false.

tato vareNyaM varadaM vishhNuM prApya sa vAsavaH |
tatprasAdAnnarAMshena yukto bhUmAvajAyata || 18.137||

Later he performed penance to please Sri Hari who is the bestower of boons, worthy of service (The Lord is fit to be served by all including demi-gods) and by his grace, him combined with presence of SriHari’s Nara form was born on earth.


This means, that later he performed penance to please Sri Hari and by his grace was born as Arjuna with presence of Nara form. Bhagavata taparya Nirnaya has details that Arjuna along with presence of Nara form, had presence Lord Vayu’s form named Veera and Vibhuti form of Vishnu named Dhananjaya: “viShNOrvaayOranaMtasya tribhiraMshairnaraHsmRutaH”

Brahma’s curse to Shiva

madavaj~nAnimittena patitA iti tAn.h surAn.h |
mArutAdIn.h mR^ishhA.avAdIriti brahmA shivaM tadA || 18.138||

shashApa mAnushheshhu tvaM xipraM jAtaH parAbhavam.h |
shakrAnnaratanoryAsi yasmai tvaM tu mR^ishhA.avadaH || 18.139||

Then Brahma cursed Shiva telling “You have lied about Vayu and others telling that they have descended from heaven because they insulted you” so “You be born as human soon and you will be defeated by Arjuna who is none other than incarnation of Indra whom you cursed”.


1. Just as Indra who questioned Shiva was cursed by him, Shiva who falsely blamed Virtuous people like Vayudevaru was also cursed by Brahma.

2. Vayudevaru is the follower of Shuddha Bhagavatadharma (Supreme way of Living as mentioned for followers of Vishnu) and who was never offensive to anyone. False allegations against such a person became the cause of his next incarnation.

3. This also illustrates the fact that if we have wrong knowledge about Vayudevaru – the one who frees us from the curse of birth and death cycle, then we cannot escape the birth on earth.

4. Ashwattama was the one who was born on earth due to the curse of Brahma. There is a unique point here that though Ashwattama was very much higher in gradation compared to Arjuna, he suffered many defeats against Arjuna due to this curse.

machchhaptAnAM cha devInAmavichArya mayA yataH |
patiyogavaraM prAdA nAvApsyasi tataH priyAm.h || 18.140||

mAnushheshhu tataH pashchAd.h bhAratIdehanirgatAm.h |
svaloke prApsyasi 1svArthe varo.ayaM te mR^ishhA bhavet.h || 18.141||

You have given boons of joining their husbands to goddess whom I have cursed, without consulting with me, so you will not be able to marry your wife in human birth. Later you will join your wife coming out of Bharatidevi’s body in your own world. Your boon will not turn out to be true in your case.


1. We already know the details about the curse Parvati and others received to have other men as their husband. Without considering this fact, without discussing with Brahmadevaru, he granted boons for them to receive their husband which was an offense against Brahmadevaru. It has to be noted that as a result of this Ashwattama – incarnation of Shiva did not marry Parvatidevi present in Draupadi and remained bachelor all life.

2. Thus Brahmadevaru graced the other demi-goddess to benefit from Shiva’s boon, but he did not make it come true for Shiva. Shiva’s words that Vayudevaru had insulted him turned out to be false and in turn became an offense committed by Shiva towards Vayudevaru. Along with that, since he gave boon which was against the curse given by Brahma, it resulted in him committing offence against Brahma as well. As a result he received the curse to remain Bachelor all life.

3. Bhishma and Ashwattama are the two people recorded in Mahabharata who remained bachelor’s all life. Both of them were prevented from uniting with their wife because of this curse. It is special to note that both of them were cursed by Brahma. Bhishma was cursed because he committed offense against a cow and Ashwattama was cursed because he committed againd Lord Brahma

eshhA sA draupadI nAma paJNchadevItanurbhavet.h |
mR^ishhA vAg.h yeshhu te proktA mArutAdyAstu te.akhilAH || 18.142||

tAsAM patitvamApsyanti bhAratyaiva tu pArvatI |
saMyuktA vyavahAreshhu 3pravarteta nachAnyathA || 18.143||

Along with five demi-goddess, she will incarnate as Draupadi. “She will become the wife of the demi-gods about whom you have lied. Parvathi along with Bharati will be involved in all the activites. This cannot be prevented”.

Notes: The demi-gods who were discussing under the hill – Vayu, Yama, Ashwini’s were born as Bhima, Yudhistira, Nakula and Sahadeva respectively and were the husbands of Bharati, Shyamala and Usha’s present in Draupadi. It should be noted that though Parvati was present in Draupadi’s body, she did not get to marry Ashwattama.

ete hi mArutAdyAste devakAryArthagauravAt.h |
jAtA iti shrutistatra nAvaj~nA te.atra kAraNam.h || 18.144||

“Veda’s mention that Vayu and the other demi-gods incarnated as humans because of the importance of the task assigned to them by the Supreme Lord. Their incarnation is not because they insulted you”.


1. This means that just like Vayudevaru, Indra and others were born as Bhima et al in order to accomplish the task assigned by Supreme Lord and not because they insulted Shiva.

2. It should be noted that they did not insult Shiva in the first place.Since he alleged them falsely, they received more importance than him and to the worldly view he was defeated by them sometimes.

dIrghakAlaM manushhyeshhu tatastvaM sthitimApsyasi |
ityuktvA prayayau brahmA so.ashvatthAmA shivo.abhavat.h |
paJNchadevItanustveshhA1 draupadI nAma chAbhavat.h || 18.145||

“Therfore you will live on earth forever”. Having said so, Lord Brahma left. Shiva was born as Ashwattama. Indrasena who had presence of 5 demi-goddess was born as Draupadi Devi.

vedeshhu sapurANeshhu bhArate chAvagamyate |
ukto.arthaH sarva evAyaM tathA pUrvoditAshcha ye || 18.146||

All the facts mentioned here along with all the incidences mentioned earlier, have been clearly mentioned in Vedas, Puranas and Mahabharata.


1. The order in which the verse is stated “vedeshhu sapurANeshhu bhArate ch” mentions that all the facts stated here and mentioned earlier have been established in Vedas, Puranas and more importantly in Mahabhartha.

2. All these details have been explained completely in Garuda Purana’s BrahmaKaanda. It should be noted that all these details are mentioned in paMchEMdrOpaakhyaana where Draupadi Swayamvara of Mahabhartha is narrated.

Thus ends the postings of the fascinating story behind Draupadi Devi's birth. Hope all of you are benefitted from reading this.

Best Regards,

Hare Srinivasa


Unknown said...

This is very good for an understand and also mantra patana.And please send some photos of satyatma theerth.

venkat reddy said...

Lord Siva drank kalakoota poison and kept it in his neck. It is not Vayu who did this

Madhwa Vallabha said...

Dear Sri Sujit Reddy,

The common belief is that Shiva (only) drank the kaalakuta visha which came out during samudra mathana. However, if we dig this episode a bit deeper, we will come across the Keshi sukta of Rig veda which says:

vAyurasmA upAmanthat pinaShTismA kunannamA |
keshi viShasya pAtreNa yad rudreNApibat saha ||

Meaning, Vayu squeezed, kneaded and crushed [a small portion] of the poison for Shiva and drank the poison along with Shiva.

It should be noted that when the poison reached Shiva's throat, his neck turned blue and he fell unconscious. Whereas, Vayu drank the whole vessel full of poison and nothing happened.

Shiva himself says in Garuda purana to his wife Parvati that "my beloved, I had drunk a bit of the poison by chanting the vishnu mantra, which enabled me to keep it through my throat". Bramhanda purana also mentions Shiva having consumed a bit of poison only by the grace of Lord Vishnu.

Further, it should be noted that Vayu could drink and digest the complete kaalakuta because he has a jaTharagni in his belly by the name Vruk (hence he is known as Vrukodara), which enables him to eat up and digest the entire universe (which includes posion) at the pralaya time, without efforts.

Also, during Mahabhrata, Duryodhana feeds halahal poison to Bheemasena, who eats it without any effect whatsoever on him. This proves that even in the avatar roopa Vayu maintains his strength.

venkat reddy said...

the poison that came out of samudra manthana was hala halam, it was drank by siva on the request of gods and demons(rakshasas).

Kalakoota was the poisson that came from adi sesha nagu the supreme snake which was used for churning the mountain. kalakoota different from hala halam. It was not drank by vayu. Siva used his shanka to do this.

In older days very very old,when Islam and Christianism does not exist, Shiva's devotees and Vishnu's devotees quarelled and fighted with each other each claiming that their god is Supreme.This lead to wars between them. Then they started insulting each other gods.Vishnu devotees modified Garuda purana that Siva is very inferior even to gods like Indra and Vayu.

Hanuman is an avatar of lord Siva for serving Supreme Lord Ram. He is considered as Vayu's son, not his avatar.No gods except Supreme lord Vishnu could match him in his power.

Shiva's devotess introduced siva purana saying Lord Siva is Supreme and Lord Vishnu is inferior.

In this way ,both devotees insulted each other gods by introducing and modifying puranas.

SHAKUNI gave kalakuuta poison and not hala halam to Bheema who was recued by Lord Krishna. Bheema has super strength not super natural powers.

Siva and Vishnu and Brahma are trinity gods. Insulting any of above gods is equal insulting other god.

May our devotees realize this....

hrishikesh.srivatsa said...

Sujit Reddy garu ... no story talks about equality of Gods in fact in each and every story you will find one victor and one defeated. If equality is what was to be taught; then each and every battle would have been draw.

In Bhagavad Gita; SriKrishna himself tells repeatedly that HE alone is supreme. The mention about Rudra comes in Vibhuti Yoga; it talks about special presence ( Vibhuti) all around.

Bheemsena is poisoned with halahal; shakuni obtains this from Shukracharya; in addition snakes are left on Bheemsena; so in seperate instances both poisons are administered to Bheemsena. Needless to say both attempts are unsuccessful; even before the wax house is burnt; Bheemsena eats all the poisoned food meant for all the of the Pandavas. After this He carries the rest of the Pandavas and their mother to safety.
Ashwatthama is Rudra devaru avataara ( Linga Purana); we know how Bheemsena defeats Ashwatthama and also how Bheemsena snatches his mani. Therefore we can conclude that Bheemsena is superior to Shiva. There are three separate instances in which Shiva tests Bheemsena in moola roopa as well; in all of them Bheemsena is proved superior.

All information flow from Vedas; Upanishads; Ramayana; Mahabharata and Puranas. If Puranas are corrupt then we can see Vedas or Mahabharata for reference.
This is correct thought; Puranas were not written by individual camps who wanted to glorify or condemn Gods. Corruption of Puranas is true; but not in the way that is being projected.

Ramayana is there in Vedas as well; Vayu drinking halahal is also mentioned there. So only those who do Veda Adhyena should attempt to explain Purana artha else we end up with disinformation.

I agree there is a lot of spun stories on the internet; but if you see it with Taratamya; trigunas and Panchabheda it will become clearer.

If you take all the accounts of Vaishnavas and Shaivites put together you will not find even one account where a Vaishanvite was killed.

hrishikesh.srivatsa said...

The instance of drinking halahal also comes in SriMadBhagavatam


tataH karatalIkR^itya vyApi hAlAhalaM viSham
abhakShayanmahAdevaH kR^ipayA bhUtabhAvanaH

All texts interpret this as Rudra Devaru ...

tatam veenadi vadyecha pavamane tataH

tataH is to be interpreted as Vayu Devaru;

tataH karatalIkR^itya vyApi hAlAhalaM viSham

Vayu took the hAlAhalaM visha in his hands

abhakShayan mahAdevaH kR^ipayA bhUtabhAvanaH

mahAdevaH(in this case Vayu) drank it out of compassion for the good of all living beings.

pIte gare vR^iShA~NkeNa prItAste.amaradAnavAH
mamanthustarasA sindhuM havirdhAnI tato.abhavat

vR^iShA~NkeNa - is interpreted as rider of the Bull and hence decided to Rudra Devaru

But in Ballitha Sukta

tritamasya vrishabhasya dohase dashapramatim janyante yoshanaha | 2

Vrishabha can be used to denote Vayu as well.

therefore "pIte gare vR^iShA~NkeNa" should be interpreted as "Vayu drank the poison" in the mukhya artha.

venkat reddy said...

Dear Madwa Brahmana

Sorry if i have disturbed you . I have not derived any false meanings nor illusions.I want to ask only two question

1> we know anjani an apsara due to curse was born as monkey and gave birth to hanuman.

Can you give who Anjani worshipped to have a son?

In valmik's ramayana it is said tthat she worshipped Lord Siva?

then what your ramayana says?

2> what does RAMA mean?

Madhwa Vallabha said...

OK, Mr. Sujith, I will take one last comment of yours.

You wrote: As per Valmiki Ramayana, Anajana devi worshiped Lord Shiva to get her son Hanuman"

Now kindly provide me the verse number in Ramayana which explicitly says so. When I looked into Valmiki Ramayana Kishkindha Kanda, I did not get any verse which says so."

Unknown said...

dear madhwa vallabha,

Is this a blog to insult Siva and Parvati? Although I am a great devotee of Lord Krishna,I would not tolerate this.

1. you mentioned that in satya yuga ,parvati and other goddesses were cursed by Brahma.

My question is
why did the curse took three yugas ie. satya yuga, treta yuga and dwapara yuga to take effect? Is Brahma curse such weak?

2. you mentioned that Bharati devi was given a special boon by Lord Vishnu that she would never marry other person other than Vayu god.

My question is
why did Bharati devi marry sage Mugdala? I would not say that she has physical contact with Mugdala. but your theory goes Wrong?

3. you mentioned that Draupadi is none other than Bharati devi. If this is true, she must have more affection towards Bheema.

In Vyasa's mahabharata ,in Swargarohanica parva ,it is mentioned that that Draupadi was the first person to die on the way to heaven. Bheema asked Yudhister the reason for her death.

Yudhister replied to Bheema " she has shown more affection towards Arjun. she obtained the fruit of that conduct today"

so my question is
1.why did draupadi(Bharati devi) showed more affection towards Arjun instead of Bheema?
2. if this is false , why did Yudhister told lie to Bheema?(the only occasion Yudhister lied was in case of Dronacharya that too at the request of Lord Krishna.)

4. you have mentioned that Vayu is superior Siva. let us agree for a moment.

My question is
1. In vysasa's mahabharata ,it is mentioned that Lord Krishna Prayed Lord Siva for a son. why did Krishna prayed inferior god Siva?

2.If Siva is inferior god, then all his weapons are also inferior,then who advised Arjun to do
penance for Lord Siva and get his Pasupatastra .As supreme Lord Krishna is himself with Arjun, why there is a need to worship Siva and get his inferior weapon. Instead Arjun should have worshipped Lord Vayu as he is superior to Siva according to you?what do u say ?

3. If lord Siva is inferior, why did Lord Parshurama (an avatar of Vishnu ) worshipped Lord Siva?

Unknown said...

dear madhwa vallabha

you said to one commenter named some "sujit" the following.

1. you have mentioned that Lord Siva came in form of tiger chasing parvati(uma) who was in the form of cow and was defeated by Bheema. let us agree this is true.

my question is
(a)if parvati was cow and siva was tiger,then how can you say that parvati soul is present in Draupadi. If you say that parvati soul was present in Draupadi then Siva chasing Parvati will be false.

(b) if you say that cow was not Parvati ,then i would say the tiger was not Siva.
then Bheema defeating Siva will be false.

2. also a commenter named "sujit" mentioned that Hanuman was incarnation of Siva.
I would not agree with this .

But "Hanuman chalisa" written by Tulsidas mentions that Hanuman as a form of Siva.
Whether this is true or not ,I do not know.

But people who chant this "Hanuman chalisa" indirectly refer to Hanuman as Siva and Vayu as spiritual father of Hanuman.

my question is
why most devotees of Hanuman chant "Hanuman chalisa" ?
(c)I also chant "Hanuman Chalisa" daily. Should i stop It? If yes give me a reason.

Madhwa Vallabha said...

//Is this a blog to insult Siva and Parvati? Although I am a great devotee of Lord Krishna,I would not tolerate this.//

Madhwas worship Shiva, Parvati and other deities, but as subordinates of Lord Vishnu. The taaratamya or the gradation among the divinities has been listed as another topic. We do not insult the deities. I am curious to know, which part of the blog, or which sentence is insulting towards Shiva and Parvati?

I will try and answer your queries selectively. I have requested a friend of mine to answer your other questions.

//My question is why did the curse took three yugas ie. satya yuga, treta yuga and dwapara yuga to take effect? Is Brahma curse such weak?//

If Brahma can curse, then he can also decide when the curse should come into effect.

//My question is why did Bharati devi marry sage Mugdala? I would not say that she has physical contact with Mugdala. but your theory goes Wrong?//

Copy pasted from the same topic “… you (Mudgala) will not have contact with those ladies. Marutha (Lord Vayu) present in you will have the contact. At that time you will be unconscious and will not have awareness of anything. That way you will not commit any sin. Lord Vayu entered in him. He married Indrasena and became a Grihastha.”

//3. you mentioned that Draupadi is none other than Bharati devi. If this is true, she must have more affection towards Bheema.//

Please read the topic once again. Indra’s wife Sachi was also present in Draupadi. She showed more affection towards Arjuna, who was incarnation of Indra.

//1.why did draupadi(Bharati devi) showed more affection towards Arjun instead of Bheema?//

Bharati devi present in Draupadi showed more affection towards Bheema only, not Arjuna.

//2. if this is false , why did Yudhister told lie to Bheema?(the only occasion Yudhister lied was in case of Dronacharya that too at the request of Lord Krishna.) //

Telling something due to ignorance is different from telling a lie. Even though Yudhistir was an avatar of Yama, he was not aware of his real form. Other than Vishnu & Lakshmi, only Vayu and Bharati remember their moola roopa during avataars, and possess their full powers.

//4. you have mentioned that Vayu is superior Siva. let us agree for a moment.//

This is a different topic altogether. Please post your comment in the appropriate topic.

//1. In vysasa's mahabharata ,it is mentioned that Lord Krishna Prayed Lord Siva for a son. why did Krishna prayed inferior god Siva?//

1) To delude the tAmasik souls into thinking that Krishna is inferior to Shiva.
2) To educate the sAtvik souls that Shiva should be worshipped, since he is in much higher position than the humans.

//2.If Siva is inferior god, then all his weapons are also inferior,then who advised Arjun to do
penance for Lord Siva and get his Pasupatastra .As supreme Lord Krishna is himself with Arjun, why there is a need to worship Siva and get his inferior weapon. Instead Arjun should have worshipped Lord Vayu as he is superior to Siva according to you?what do u say ?//

Shiva is superior to Arjuna (Indra). So there is nothing wrong in worshipping Shiva and getting the weapons. It is Lord Krishna’s divine plan to involve Shiva in the Mahabharata war by making Shiva to give weapons to Arjuna. (There is no answer for “why”.)

//3. If lord Siva is inferior, why did Lord Parshurama (an avatar of Vishnu ) worshipped Lord Siva?//

Again, to delude the unworthy souls and educate the sAtviks.

Madhwa Vallabha said...

//my question is
why most devotees of Hanuman chant "Hanuman chalisa" ?//

You can ask this question to the people who chant HC. True Maadhwas will not chant HC, since they know who is Hanuma.
Majoriy rule does not apply in philosophy. Good people are always in minority. Correct understanding is important. Do not blindly flow what the majority people do.

//I also chant "Hanuman Chalisa" daily. Should i stop It? If yes give me a reason//

It's your choice. No comments.

Madhwa Vallabha said...

@Chaitu Krishna

//you have mentioned that Lord Siva came in form of tiger chasing parvati(uma) who was in the form of cow ...//

Where did I write such a comment? It is not my comment.

// my question is
(a)if parvati was cow and siva was tiger,then how can you say that parvati soul is present in ...//

Proper pramanas from Puranas have been already given in the above discussion. You cannot prove or disprove anything with logic.

Anonymous said...


in this blog it is mentioned that in mahabharata ,in two places it is mentioned that drapadi is incarnation of parvati what are those two places and conditions.

Unknown said...


I have also few more questions,

1. In this blog it is mentioned that a woman when in contact with Vayu god is not sinful.

if this is true is Vayu god supreme to Lord Vishnu?

our puranas mention that a chaste Lady when comes in contact with any person even if it is Supreme God Vishnu himself, she cannot be considered as Chaste lady and she will loose her chaste.

The reason I ask this question is

(a)In padma puranam, it is mentioned that a demon named Jalandhar was invincible even to Gods Siva and Vishnu due to power of chastity of Vrinda( TUlasi).So VIshnu in the form of Jalandhar went to Vrinda devi and had contact with her and she lose her chastity and immediately her husband was killed by Lord Siva.

so it is clear that when a great chaste lady like Vrinda devi(Tulasi) had contact with Supreme Lord Vishnu, it is known that she loose her chastity which protected her husband. Vrinda devi(TUlasi and a great devotee of Vishnu) even cursed Vishnu for this sinful act to turn into a heartless stone.

but you are saying that contact with Lord Vayu is not sinful as he is pure.
so I ask is Vishnu impure (or)he was less pure than Vayu?

Unknown said...


1. In this blog, it is mentioned that Lord Brahma cursed Mugdala for falsely saying Brahma lusted for his daughter. THis is FALSE story.

Actually the story of Brahma lust for daughter is as follows.

there were two demon brothers sunda and upasunda who pleased Brahma with their penance and got a boon that they will never be defeated by Gods, gandharvas or yakshas or any human being. they also got a boon that that they will be killed only by fighting each other.

the two demon brothers thought that they would never fight each other as they are brothers and have great love towards each other . so they thought they are immortal.

later these two demons conquered the heavens and wrecked havoc in all worlds.

So all the demi-gods under the head of Indra went to Brahma and asked Brahma to solve the problem. Lord Brahma said to them that they will be killed only if the two brothers fight each other.

So Lord Brahma devised a plan. He said that he will create the most beautiful girl and she will create differences between those two brothers and they will kill each other.

then Brahma along with other demi-gods conducted a yagna(ritual).Brahma used perfect materials in that Yagna.

Atlast a beautiful girl named Tilottama was born from the yagna .

Tila + Uttama (perfect in all parts)

Lord Brahma was checking that whether she was perfect in all parts of the body. Brahma WAS not seeing her with lust. But Manmatha(God of desire) who was seeing all this played a joke on Brahma . He shot his love arrow aimed at Brahma. Brahma affected by that love arrow ran towards Tilottama with lust. Tilotamma afraid ran away from that place in the form of deer. But Brahma deeply affected by that arrow ran after her in the form of deer.

all the demi-gods were afraid on seeing Brahma running with lust after her daughter. They prayed to Lord Siva. Immedialely Siva in the form of ferocious hunter aimed an arrow towards Brahma.

Brahma after seeing the fearful form of Siva ,regained his senses and went to YAgna.

later Tilotamma due to her super beauty was successful in creating differences between demon brothers and they killed each other.

Later Brahma was feeling shame for his act and thought why did he lust for his own daughter and ran mad towards her.

Brahma immediately realised all this was due to Manmadha. So he grew angry and in a rage cursed Manmatha that he he will be burnt to ashes by Lord Siva.

Actually there is no story of Brahma cursing Mugdala!.

Rati (wife of Manmatha) pleaded Brahma dev for mercy. Brahma dev felt pity for Rati and said that

"Don't worry my child. your husband will be born to Lord Krishna and Rukmini and you will marry him"

Anonymous said...

respected sir,

i have one doubt . Can you please clarify me?
In this blog, it is mentioned that amsha of Parvati is present in Indrasena and Draupadi.

I want to know who is Subhadra at Puri temple.

I also want to know is also amsha of Parvati is also present in Subhadra ,sister of Lord Krishna ?

Unknown said...

dear sujit reddy and madhwa brahman,

to corelated all afcts one should read all the eighteen puranas and 32 up-puranas to know the aspects of uma and shiva.

as madhwa brahman says. it is vayu who drank poison is true as if you refere padma purana, garuda purana and vishnu purana and brhma purana. the shiva holds eight places or position one of which is vayu. so vayu is one of ashta murti of lord shiva.

Unknown said...

This is all bullshit story and male fantasy of a woman... Even if there was something like mahabharata then all men wanted most beautiful lady so they shared her and gave bullshit reasons..only truth is woman suffered from ages and are still suffering at the hands of selfish men. purana is all bullshit

Thitherwards said...

Different People, Different Thoughts. One cannot know who their biological mother and/ father is until & unless told by her. My point is we cannot ignore or object our

Puranas, unless and until we have any solid proofs/ points to defend our statements. Personal opinions/ assumptions would mostly be baseless and cannot be trusted up on or considered for further arguments.

Nevertheless, if you got time, patience and willingness to know about 'Draupadi', you can visit my blog and comment.


Draupadi Amman Thunai - May you all be BLESSED by HER grace!!

vijay vittala said...

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Mahabharat said...

Sir your explanation is perfect.
Thank you for posting it...
Can i use this link as reference please let me know
Thank you